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I've worked with Theresa McFarland at Discovery 1 Realty & Management for 4+ years, and I could not recommend them more. As a team, I find them all to be very helpful, and as a management firm, very professional and honest when I have questions or problems with my rental property. I have no complaints, only compliments.

Thank you, Discovery 1.

~ Marion Cooper

Discovery 1 Realty has been my leasing agency for the past 18 months. In times of need the leasing agent was quick to respond as well as quick to schedule any maintenance of the property. They worked around my schedule and were very trustworthy. The individuals they have contracted with to make any repairs were always courteous and professional. I would recommend this leasing agency to anyone interested in leasing their home. I can truly say they have been very professional in all my dealings with them and a pleasure to work with. I would be more than happy to provide a verbal recommendation if need be.

Thank you.

~ V. Vigil

Hi Theresa,

We are busy packing and sadly saying goodbye to the house we've rented from Discovery 1 Realty for TEN years!

I want to thank you and everyone at Discovery for the wonderful experience we've had with your company. You understand the special needs of an older home and its occasional hiccups.

We lived in an older home but we never worried - the minute we discovered a hiccup - we called your office and someone was here to take care of it. That means so much when you're stressing over no water from the main line or no heat for some unknown reason. I never worried that things would be fixed - quickly. You guys made living here easy.

We appreciate how pleasant you made it for us to live here and hope everyone who rents from you knows how fortunate they are.

~ Mary Ann Copas

To whom it may concern:

Please let me take this opportunity to thank the management and employees of Discovery 1 Realty & Management. It has been my distinct pleasure to lease this property from your company. I would also like to express my gratitude for the swift response I received any time I contacted your company regarding this property. Your professionalism and courtesies have made this a very pleasant and hapy experience. Please pass this letter on to the ower of this property. Than kyou all very much for this opportunity.

~ Christopher P. Young

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been fortunate to have Discovery 1 Realty & Management manage my properties since 1989. When I first bought property in Albuquerque in 1986 I had difficulty in finding someone I could trust and that was reliable and professional to take care of my houses and assure they where rented with responsible tenants. In 1989, after going through some difficult times with other realty managers, I finally met Discovery 1 Realty & Management who helped me with my properties, assisted in my financing with banks in the area, and even helped in selling some of my older properties (which were becoming high maintenance cost) and putting in a 1030 to purchase newer homes at a great opportunity.

I have worked with Discovery 1 Realty & Management for nearly 20 years and they has been a very trustworthy and reliable manager of my properties. Discovery 1 Realty & Management has provided me with all the options of what was available for the upkeep of all my properties and how to best keep the properties in the best condition for renting or selling. All my properties have been constantly rented and minimal time for maintenance between the transitions of new tenants moving into the properties.

The group at Discovery 1 Realty & Management have always had my best interest at heart in maintenance and renting of my properties. When I call, they always have been available to go over accounts, and I have really enjoyed just chatting with them on advice and recommendations for making the recording as efficient as possible. When I was oversea until 2006, they would always keep in touch with me by phone calls and faxes, and always provided my account reports quickly and professionally. Since I have been back in the US, they have assisted me in working out all my accounts with automatic electronic transfers and online accounting with my bank. They always provide me with a breakdown of all my properties with an end of the month report, and at the end of the year they provide excellent reporting and breakdown of expenses for tax purposes.

"I have always felt very comfortable with Discovery 1 Realty & Management, and personally, I could not think of using anyone else. I have the utmost trust and confidence in how they take care of my properties and keep me informed, and especially on how they are always available for my concerns.

~ John T Foote

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